How does it work?

On this CoachCloud website you can find inspiration for your coaching and training - and share it with players, colleagues and friends (Facebook, Twitter, google+ etc.)

The movies are showing exercises and tactics made by football (soccer) coaches. The movies are generated when a coach is sharing an exercise in the CoachCloud - and allowing them to rate, comment and download it to adapt/use in their training.

All exercises and tactics are made with Coachapplet - an app that helps football (soccer) coaches to:

  • Plan & execute the training
  • Log events during matches, build performance statistics on both player and team level and set goals for improvements
  • Communicate with players and staff

The digital tactic board allows coaches to build exercises that plays as movies - and share these with players and staff. Coaches can also share execises with other coaches in the CoachCloud - and use the cloud to gain inspiration for ther training (exercises can be downloaded and used by the coaches).

Exercises shared in the CoachCloud automatically appear on this website where visitors can watch and share exercises on their preferred social networks.

See what Coachapplet can do here:

Are you interested in trying Coachapplet?

The app is made for pads (Ipads or other pads from f ex Samsung) and can be downloaded from Apple Store and Google Play. You get full access to all functionality including the CoachCloud, for a free 60 day trial period.

Download your version today!

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